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Boys using Yedios Klalios booklet in school


As a Rebbe in חינוך for more than 30 years, I have noticed an alarming weakness in one particular area of the Jewish education system. I have taught elementary school grades 2-8 in various schools, and across the board have found a lack of familiarity in basic Jewish concepts, ידיעות כלליות. Throughout the years, I have compiled all types of materials and worksheets that I have ב''ה taught successfully to my students. Nevertheless, I realized that there needed to be a consistent curriculum in place to make the information second nature to the students.


It was from this concept that CHAYEINU was born.


The Chayeinu ידיעות כלליות program is geared for grades 1–8, depending on the curriculum levels of the school. As a cumulative program, even as new information is being introduced, all previous facts are also constantly being reinforced in order to make all of it ingrained in the student. The topics are introduced in child-friendly formats. The worksheets are age appropriate and exciting, using word-finds, coloring, Sudoku, mazes and the like. The students are having a fun time as they gain essential knowledge. There are review tests after every few sections, as well as an assessment of all topics at the end of each book.


The Chayeinu series includes six different, grade-level volumes. In the last year alone, more than 100 schools across the U.S., Canada, England, and beyond have been using the curriculum with tremendous success. I feel that this program would be beneficial for your school as well.


Rabbi Mayer Kramer

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